Suu Kyi

msa January 18, 2017

By Rohingya Eye | January 18, 2017 Maungdaw — Two exhumed mass graves at the village of ‘Dar Gyi Zar’ in Northern Maungdaw have revealed decomposed dead bodies of at least a dozen of people, reliable sources have reported. The gruesome scenes of the skulls and skeletons found in the mass graves in ‘Dar Gyi […]

msa December 25, 2016

By Rohingya Eye | December 25, 2016 Maungdaw — Six more Rohingya civilians were arrested by the Myanmar military at the village of ‘Ye Dwin Chaung’ in northern Maungdaw on Friday (Dec 23), reliable sources have reported. Of the six people arrested at Ye Dwin Chaung, three were displaced people from neighboring villages taking refuge […]

ZYA December 20, 2016

RVision TV By Qutub Shah While Rohingya women, regardless of their ages, including virgins, widows, minors, and even crones, mothers and wives are being raped or gang raped by military, border guard police and some Buddhist settlers in quite impunity, Suu Kyi has never paid attention to their screaming. These victims of sexual assaults are not […]

msa October 26, 2016

BY DR. HABIB SIDDIQUI OCTOBER 25, 2016 Eur Asia Review Myanmar’s government said that the October 9 raids were conducted by the Aqamul Mujahidin organization, which it described as being affiliated with an extremist group. On the other hand, a previously unknown group – Faith Movement – has released a press statement on October 15 […]

ZYA July 13, 2016

“What is being prosecuted in Rakhine State is an effort to remove the Rohingya from the area.” Benjamin Zawacki The Burmese successive Military Regimes, its armed forces and other armed groups under the state patronization, are committing gross human rights violations against ethnic and religious minorities such as extrajudicial killings, torture, and forced labor are […]