RVISION February 8, 2018

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 8th February 2018 Maungdaw: Nearly Hundreds of Rohingya from remaining villages of Rathedaung and Buthidaung have been forced out of their villages towards Bangladesh border consecutively on 5th and 6th February, 2018 reports victims. On 6th February 55 Rohingya from Anaprang village of Rathedaung were seen on the beach […]

RVISION February 3, 2018

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 3rd February 2018 Rathedaung: Reaming handful of Rohingya from few existing villages are being forced out of their homes by Burmese authorities on 2nd February 2018, report sources. Villagers in San Gi Taung village have been forced out by the authorities’ persecution on daily basis. Due to intolerable inhumane […]

RVISION January 20, 2018

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 20th January 2018 Buthidaung: Ceasing all forms of livelihood, severe restriction of movement and cutting off the little remaining healthcare services have forced Rohingyas towards death wish instead of trying to live in different village tracks of Buthidaung Township according to updates received on 19th January 2018. Since the […]

RVISION January 4, 2018

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 4th January 2018 Rathedaung: Village elderly of Sang Gyi Taing and Shamila village track of Rathedaung Township have been called to different Military camps and handed them some illegal forms to distribute among the whole villagers today (4th January 2018) report sources. At 10 AM village heads of Uttorfara […]

RVISION December 24, 2017

By Rohingya Vision TV | 24th December 2017 Rathedaung: Authorities’ genocidal activities still persists on remaining 4 villages of Rathedaung and forcing Rohingya families to take perilous journey towards Bangladesh, report sources. Nearly 10 families from KanSeik hamlet of OakPho Village Track were forced to flee towards Bangladesh on 22nd December at afternoon. “All our […]

RVISION December 4, 2017

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 4th November 2017 Rathedaung: Rare remaining villagers in Rathedaung are forced to take perilous journey towards Bangladesh and are urging concerned bodies and individuals to rescue them, explains one of the victim on 3rd December, 2017. 9 Rohingya families consisting of 44 people hailing from Anaparang village of Rathedaung, […]

RVISION November 27, 2017

Opinion & Analysis | 27th November 2017 By Arifa Myanmar and Bangladesh have signed an agreement on 23rd November 2017 in repatriating the Rohingyas who fled the ongoing state sponsored attacks on civilians since 25th August 2017. The invalid announcement of the agreement was soon criticized by International bodies and human right organizations that is […]

RVISION November 18, 2017

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 18th November 2017 Rathedaung: An estimated no. of 100 Rohingya families have been forcefully uprooted from different villages of Rathedaung Township between 16th – 17th November, 2017, reports suffering locals. Rohingya villages from Rathedaung Township have been entirely uprooted since 25th August, 2017, where among 24 villages hardly 4 […]

RVISION November 14, 2017

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 14th November 2017 Buthidaung: Security Forces and Rakhines (Moghs) set fire to a village in Buthidaing on 13thNovember, 2017, extended their blazing all over the region since the beginning of this government backed catastrophe, reports sources. Rakhines (Moghs) in collaboration with security forces blazed the Zaidong (Zay Di Taung) […]

RVISION October 31, 2017

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 31st October, 2017 Rathedaung: Security forces tortured a Rohingya inhumanely and injured him critically from Mujia Village of Rathdaung Township, which is one of the 2 Rohingya villages that still exists after the brutal military operation since 25th August, 2017. On 29th October a Rohingya Named to be Abdu […]