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Syrian offensive blamed for putting peace talks at risk

Residents carry banners and opposition flags as they march during a protest in Aleppo. Image by: Reuters

Syrian offensive blamed for putting peace talks at risk
February 03
10:11 2016

Opposition sounds warning as military advance opens way for Assad government forces to recapture country’s largest city.

Syria’s main opposition bloc has given warning that attacks by government forces in Aleppo province could stand in the way of the peace talks under way in the Swiss city of Geneva.

The Syrian government launched a major offensive from the north of Aleppo and captured several strategically important towns on Monday.

Syria rebels face strong government threat in Aleppo

The warning was sounded by the Higher Negotiations Committee (HNC), which sent a 17-strong opposition team, including three rebel leaders, to Geneva on Saturday.

Salim al-Muslet, HNC spokesman, said the opposition was waiting for reaction to the developments in Aleppo and other provinces.

“It is important for us to see the lifting of sieges of children starving to death,” he said.

“Since last night, big massacres have taken place in Syria and nobody is doing or saying anything.

“We do not know if the international community is completely blind or they do not want to do anything. We are here to know if they are keen to do anything.”

The HNC condemned the Aleppo offensive, saying it showed President Bashar al-Assad’s government is not committed to finding a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Source: Al Jazeera



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