msa October 1, 2016
Numbers of armed militants have recently been spotted in the May Yu mountain range in Maungdaw Township, say eyewitnesses

By Rohingya Eye

R-Vision TV

Maungdaw, Arakan (R-Vision TV) – Some local Rohingya firewood collectors spotted around 70 armed men suspected to Rakhine militants while they on their way back from the forest around on 26th September early morning.

The firewood collectors comprising 8 youths hail from Baggona village went into hiding as soon as they saw the armed militants. The militants were in civil uniforms and reportedly speaking in Rakhine (Magh) language. And each of them was holding a gun, an eyewitness added.

On the same day, “a group of three cattle-herding boys encountered around 20 armed militants in the forest to the east of Gawdusara (Gawduthara) village in southern Maungdaw. Therefore, the three boys ran away out of fear,” said a Rohingya in the southern Maungdaw requesting to withhold his identity.

These armed militants take shelters in Rakhine villages such as ‘Bodigoon, Shwe Baho, Khen Chaung and Kaing Gri’ and hide themselves in the forest in daytime, according to the reliable local sources.

Seeing the suspicious activities of the Rakhine militants, the Rohingya living nearby the-said Rakhine villages are now in fear of being attacked or becoming victims of a potential violence.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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