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‘Strong evidence’ of genocide in Myanmar

The picture shows a Rohingya mother and her daughter at a confinement area in Langsa port, Aceh province, Indonesia. Image by: AFP

‘Strong evidence’ of genocide in Myanmar
October 27
12:15 2015

Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit has uncovered what amounts to “strong evidence” of a genocide coordinated by the Myanmar government against the Rohingya people, according to an assessment by Yale University Law School.

The Lowenstein Clinic spent eight months assessing evidence from Myanmar, including documents and testimony provided by Al Jazeera and the advocacy group Fortify Rights.

“Given the scale of the atrocities and the way that politicians talk about the Rohingya, we think it’s hard to avoid a conclusion that intent [to commit genocide] is present,” concluded the clinic.

Exclusive evidence obtained by Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit and Fortify Rights reveals the government has been triggering state sponsored violence for political gain by inciting anti-Muslim riots, using hate speech to stoke fear among the Myanmarese about Muslims, and offering money to hardline Buddhist groups who threw their support behind the leadership.

As the first fully contested general election in 25 years approaches on November 8, eyewitness and confidential documentary evidence obtained by Al Jazeera reveals that the ruling, military-backed Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) has attempted to marginalise Muslims and target the Rohingya.

Al Jazeera has made several requests for comment to the Myanmar President’s office and government spokespeople but has not received any response.

The investigation, presented in a new documentary, Genocide Agenda, consults legal and diplomatic experts on whether the government’s campaign amounts to systematic extermination.

The University of London’s Professor Penny Green, director of the International State Crime Initiative (ISCI)m said: “President Thein Sein (USDP) is prepared to use hate speech for the government’s own ends, and that is to marginalise, segregate, diminish the Muslim population inside Burma.

“It’s part of a genocidal process.”

An independent report by the ISCI concluded that riots in 2012, which saw deadly violence between ethnic Rakhine Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims erupt, were pre-planned by the Burmese government. The violence saw scores killed, and tens of thousands of people displaced after several thousand homes were burned.

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