State Counsellor Office’s Portrayal Exposed

By August 29, 2017 18:56

State Counsellor Office’s Portrayal Exposed

In order to justify government’s bloodshed targeting the civilians and to escalate the anti-Rohingya violence, State Counsellor Information Office has been portraying the reality and fabricating stories.

Government accuses Rohingya for killing of the Hindus and Rakhines affected mistakenly by the mass-destructing launchers and mortars of military. It also had persuaded some Hindu families to give statements against Rohingya, whereas some survivors from the Northern Maungdaw who have fled to Bangladesh gave a statement against what the government is portraying. (Watch the subtitled video)

Government also uses the Rakhine community as shield, or accompany them in attacking villages and looting the homes.

In some villages, the Rakhine community is threatening Rohingya to leave the village, otherwise, to be slaughtered or to pay ransom to be sent safely to other villages. (We have internationally avoided mentioning their names)

In the video as well, these Hindu families are accusing the Rakhines of shelling and killing. In the statement, they said that the Rakhines attacked them, as they didn’t cooperate them against the Muslims.

Those Hindu families fled from northern-most Maungdaw, Foira Bazar (Kha Maung Seik) to Bangladesh. They denied any ill-treatment by Muslims. Rather, the Muslims helped them reach to Bangladesh, according to the video.

In addition, the State Counsellor Information Office is using old photos of Buddha’s statues of earthquake and temples mistakenly hit by its own military mortars or burning Rohingya homes to accuse falsely those Rohingya civilians of attacks.



By August 29, 2017 18:56

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