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Some Lists of Innocent Rohingyas Arrested, Released and Imprisoned Since June 2012

M.S. Anwar |

September 18, 2013

It is known fact that the violence against Rohingya and Burmese Muslims are state-sponsored ethnic cleansing. Yet, the government arbitrarily accuse Muslims of inciting violence, burning Rakhine’s homes or killing Rakhines.

Since the violence against Rohingyas in Arakan was triggered in June 2012, Myanmar authority has arbitrarily arrested thousands of innocent Rohingyas all over Arakan. Among the arrestees, many are minors and youths.

Many of them have been detained in the secret cells without trials and tortured inhumanely. Meanwhile, some innocent Rohingyas have been released from the prisons.

All in all, two-third of total Rohingyas arrested arbitrarily are still prison without trials or have been handed lengthy jail terms. 


More than 300 innocent Rohingyas were arbitrarily arrested in Rathedaung Township in June and July last year. 108 people were released from Sittwe (Akyab) prison on 11th Septemebr 2013.

Click to go to“The list of recently released Rohingya prisoners (Mostly from Rathedaung).”


As mentioned above, hundreds of innocent Rohingyas were arrested all over Arakan in June and July 2012. Many of them were handed lengthy jail terms under false charges. The following link is to the list of Rohingyas who were handed 10-year imprisonents on 11th September 2012. All are from Rathedaung Township.

Click to go to “The List of Imprisoned Rohingyas (from Rathedaung)”


Maung Daw District Orders Jail Terms for 29 Rohingyas in Maung Daw

On the other hand, 32 Rohingya detainees from Buthidaung were transferred to Maung Daw Police station on 9th September 2013. On 10th September 2013, 29 out of 32 people were handed following prison terms.

Idiris (Age 50) from the village of Bohmuu, Maung Daw, was imprisoned for 38 years and each of the rest 28 people was sentenced to 7-year imprisonment.

The three people, of 32 people, Yasar Hussain S/o Mohammed Akhbar (Age-26), Mohammed s/o Jalal Ahmed (Age 38) and another (name unknown yet) were released.

Sadly, none of Rohingya people mentioned above was given right to defense or go through any judicial procedure. Maung Daw district court arbitrarily delclared the imprisonment terms without going through any trial. Besides, no one was given the chance to see his/her family members.

These 32 people are the locals of Maung Daw. (Report: Sindhi Khan)

The list of the other Rohingyas (from the village of Baggona, Southern Maung Daw) who had been arbitrarily imprisoned earlier can be accessed HERE.