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Slaughtering and Drowning of Rohingya still Continues in Mass Exodus

Arakan: Slaughtering and drowning of Rohingyas still continues in this mass exodus by military along with Moghs. They started to slaughter Rohingyas in the hilly areas of Buthidaung. And one more boat carrying Rohingya capsized in the Naf river, killing more than 39 women and Children on 13th September, 2017.

Rohingyas from the villages of Saufarang, Nakkondia, Lawadok, Tammichaung, Badana, Kinisi, Mingisi, Taungbazar, Narainchaung, Hansafara and Mannafara of Buthidaung township are trapped in the hilly areas since the beginning of unrest. Now Moghs armed with swords and knives and military started to slaughter Rohingyas there, where many slaughtered parts of body were eye witnessed by the Rohingyas. Following the situation trapped Rohingyas are extremely terrified, where details of the casualties and no. of people slaughtered are still unknown.

In the Incidence yesterday (13th September 2017) in the Naf river, a boat carrying more than 50 Rohingya was chased by a boat of robbers, where the boat carrying Rohingya drowned, killing 39 Rohingya women and children. Later 11 Rohingya were rescued and along with 6 corpses. Among the 39 Rohingya, other dead bodies of 33 are still missing.

According to Dhaka Tribune among the rescued bodies, 2 were women and 4 were children. “Several overloaded boats of Rohingya refugees had capsized in the river in the past three weeks. So far, we’ve recovered a total 98 bodies, most of them women and children.” said Teknaf Model police station OC Main Uddin Khan.

Rohingyas waiting in the border area to cross Bangladesh are in extreme situations, where slaughtering, anti-personnel land mine and shooting by the military and equipped Moghs are not sparing these innocent Rohingya, even after forcing them to leave their ancestral land.

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