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Six Rohingyas Sentenced to Six-Month Arbitrary Imprisonment

By Rohingya Mirror

Maungdaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) – The Maungdaw Township court arbitrarily handed six-month prison-terms to six Rohingyas in Maungdaw on May 21, according to the reliable sources.

A joint group of the police from Maungdaw Police station and the ‘G1’ Force from the Border Guard Police (BGP) Headquarter arrested the six Rohingyas in ‘Shwe Zar’ (Shujah) village in southern Maungdaw on May 20 night apparently for no reason at all.

Afterwards, the arrestees were taken to the BGP Quarter and which in turn, transferred them to the Maungdaw Township Court Custody. The court, without any evidence, sentenced the six people to six-month imprisonments.

“The Police and the G1 Force were on a patrol in Shujah village around 10:30PM on May 20. There, they stopped motorcycle-taxi (tricycle) carrying stacks of firewood. They stopped the vehicle for search. Although, nothing illegal was found, they arrested the five people on the vehicle.

They are:

1) Ayub Khan, the taxi driver, from Kanbay hamlet of Shujah village tract;

2) Bezallah, the owner of the firewood, from Guna hamlet of Shujah village tract;

3) And three labours, two from ‘Kappa Gaung’ hamlet and one from ‘Kan Bay’ hamlet of Shujah village tract.

And U Haroon, a grocery store owner, hails from the western hamlet of Shujah village tract, was also arrested at the junction of ‘Zaydi Pyin’ (in Shujah village tract) on the way to his shop for guarding it at night.

They, altogether six people, were taken to the Border Guard Police Headquarter and transferred to Maungdaw Court the next day. The court handed each of them six-month prison term. And they were sent to the Buthidaung Prison on May 22” said a local in Maungdaw.

“They didn’t carry out a proper trial. Nor did the court provide the accused any right to legal defense. This is an absolute injustice” he added.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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