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Sheltering Rohingya in CoxsBazaar Again Chased & Tortured for Smart Cards

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 22nd October 2018

Cox’s Bazar: Rohingya sheltering at makeshift camps of CoxsBazaar were repeatedly chased and beaten by multiple Bangladeshi authorities yesterday (21st October 2018), report sources from the incident.

In makeshift camps of Leda, Rohingya were chased and beaten by Bangladeshi armed forces such as police, Ansar, Army and Camp in-charge officers to make them accept the UNHCR printed smart cards.

Bangladeshi Authorities arrived at Leda makeshift camp and torture sheltering Rohingya for Smart Cards on 21st October 2018. Image: RVISION TV

In the ongoing incident, many Rohingya were beaten and forced to accept the smartcards. Following that, in one of the blocks of Leda, a Chairman named Guramia was also tortured and forcefully given smartcards.

Multiple groups of Bangladeshi armed forces was seen in different makeshift camps of Leda, where more than 12, 000 Rohingya are sheltering currently.

According to locals these tortures and abuse were facilitated by informants in the area, who are helping the authorities to locate the Rohingya without smart cards.

An image of a Rohingya women who was also tortured by Bangladeshi officials in Shalbagan Refugee camp on  19th September 2018. Image: RVISION

In the inhumane abuse, even women were also tortured with the help of female armed forces, creating a situation of panic and fear all over the area.

Since the beginning of the smart cards process, Rohingya strongly denied accepting those cards, as it does not include the name Rohingya and their status as refugees.

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Last week similar reports of abuse and torture were reported from camp no. 27 of Zadimura area.

Since late 2016, Bangladesh is hosting nearly 1.3 million of newly arrived Rohingya and became one of the largest refugee-hosting countries in the world.

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