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By Rohingya Mirror | December 15, 2016

Maungdaw — Sexual assaults on the Rohingya women by the Burmese military continue amidst the reports of an on-going Genocide emerging from northern Maungdaw. 

Two teenage sisters were gang-raped by a group of Burmese soldiers during a raid at the village of ‘KyunPaukPyuZu’ in TaungPyo sub-township of northern Maungdaw on December 13 morning (Tuesday).

Sources reported that soon after the raid began on Tuesday early morning, the military continuously chased the village men to arrest and forced them to flee the village. Then, the military gathered all the women at one place and started molesting dozens of women in the group. 

“The troops body-searched the women and looted their ornaments. And then, the military stripped off them naked and began touching their body parts. It’s humiliating and intolerable to say the least”, said a villager of KyunPaukPyuZu, speaking to RVision Correspondent on the condition of anonymity.

The two teenage girls, identified as daughters of Mr. NU (not real name), were of age 17 and age 19 respectively. They were singled out of the group and dragged into a house and gang-raped for hours. 

The military freed the women from siege and left the village towards the forest to the east of the village of KyunPaukPyuZu at about 7:00 pm on Tuesday.

The same group of Burmese soldiers gang-raped eight Rohingya women during a raid on Songkla hamlet of ZeePinChaung (ZeeYaungHali) on Monday (Dec 12).

Our correspondent in northern Maungdaw also reported that the Burmese soldiers dragged three girls from YeKhaeChaungKhwaSone into the nearby forest after the commission had left the village on around noon on December 12 and raped them until the evening of the day. 

The Burmese military are increasingly using RAPE as a weapon of war to demoralize and dehumanize the Rohingya community defying international calls to stop the violence. Meanwhile, the Investigation Commission — set up by the Burmese President to reduce international pressure to send an international investigation team to Maungdaw– has ended its visit in northern Maungdaw and set to publish an investigation report whitewashing the atrocities committed by the Burmese military.

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