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Security Forces Safeguards Looter Over Civilian

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 28th November 2017

Buthidaung: Government forces safeguarded Mogh (Rakhine) looters instead of protecting the civilians in village tracks of Buthidaung Township on 27th November 2017, report sources.

Different groups of armed Moghs (Rakhine) arrived and conducted mass looting operations in villages of Kyaung Maung and Chaung Daung villages tracks of Buthidaung Township, where Luien Thein (Security Forces) safeguarded looters instead on Rohingya villagers.

Their looting list includes all basic household goods to Rohingyas’ business tools like large rice mills. “They (Moghs) looted all the Rohingyas’ large rice mills by breaking them apart and started collecting all valuable properties starting from plastic basket to house fences along with backyard trees. In these Luien Thein (Security Forces) guarded them instead of protecting our property and business tools” complaint a Rohingya whose home was entirely looted.

Looters (Moghs) were mostly from Mogh settlements of Turaing and Moghtullafara of Dumbai village track. In their mass looting they used vehicles to transport the looted goods. List of looted villages:

  1. Botillafara village of Kyaung Maung village track
  2. Furanfara village of Kyaung Maung village track
  3. Sammoinna village of Kyaung Maung village track
  4. Quarter 1 and 2 of Chaung Daung village track
  5. Rohahong village of Chaung Daung village track

According to nearby villagers Moghs (Rakhines) are seen to be creating such an ambience and they see them as signs of further unrest in the region, which were under massive conflagration since 25th August 2017.

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