Ajmeer January 4, 2017

RV Correspondent

MAUNGDAW:  Myanmar’s Na Ta La Moghs and security forces severely beat and plundered two Rohingya fishermen threatening by guns yesterday, says the local.

The incident took place in the Pyuma stream of northern Maungdaw, while Rohingya fishermen were fishing around 1:30 pm.

“Two Rohingya fishermen were fishing in the Pyuma stream on January 03 at 1:30 pm. Some Na Ta La and security forces from Ouck Pyuma BGP post plundered their valuable fishing net and other stuffs forcefully at gun point.

Na Ta La Rakhines and security forces harassed and beat the poor fishermen when they plead to return some of their things” said a witness from the village.

The victims are identified as follows:

  1. Rhamat Ullah Bin Innamin 40 years old and
  2. Abdu Salam Bin Shuna Ali 42 years old, both from Kyein Chaung, South village.

Local authorities, Na Ta La and security forces are harassing locals, on daily basis which is backed up by central government.