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Security Forces And Rakhines Extends Blazing all over the region

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 14th November 2017

Buthidaung: Security Forces and Rakhines (Moghs) set fire to a village in Buthidaing on 13thNovember, 2017, extended their blazing all over the region since the beginning of this government backed catastrophe, reports sources.

Rakhines (Moghs) in collaboration with security forces blazed the Zaidong (Zay Di Taung) Village of Buthidaung Township at 11:25 PM. Firstly they entirely torched the house of a Rohingya named to be Abdul Hakim. And then set fire to another nearby evacuated Rohingya house, which was extinguished by the locals nearby.

“Earlier the villagers were threatened to evacuate the village and many families had to leave their homes and now remaining Rohingyas are targeted with fire to evacuate the entire village” says an elderly local from the area over the horrific inhumane situation.

“After making the entire Maungdaw and Rathedaung Township into ghost cities, they are targeting the little remaining Rohingyas here to grab our land and property” he further added.

Earlier in late October more than 20 innocent Rohingya youths were arrested from the Shiyarafar village of Maungdaw and among them 5 were heard to be released. According to their statement other arrestees are in critical health condition because of the physical abuse by the security forces. And their families are in fear of their lives as most of the Rohingya arrestees never return alive usually.

Blazing houses and arbitrary arrest of Rohingyas in the region are pushing the remaining Rohingya towards the ongoing exodus in Bangladesh, which reached more than 700, 000 recently.

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