Security Forces Beat Up and Rob Displaced Rohingyas

By December 29, 2015 03:14

Security Forces Beat Up and Rob Displaced Rohingyas

By RVision Correspondent

Minbya, Arakan state (Rohingya Vision) – The Burmese (Myanmar) Security Force locally known as ‘Hlun Htein’ severely beat up and robbed four internally displaced Rohingyas in Mrauk-U Township last Saturday, according to the reliable sources.

The internally displaced people (IDP) are currently living in ‘Thayet Oak’ IDP Camps in Minbya Township and the Security Forces belong to ‘Parin Gone’ Village Camp in Mrauk-U (Fatthar Killa) Township.

It has been reported that the Security Forces beat them up and robbed the four people while they were on their way back after buying food stuffs and other goods from ‘Pon Dauk’ village in Mrauk-U. The victims are:

  • Senuwara Begum U Ismail
  • Sana Ullah U Izhar Meah
  • Abdu Shukkor U Dula Ali
  • Gultaz Begum U Sharif Hussein

“The Hlun Htein stopped them on their way. They robbed all of the food stuffs and other goods belong to them worth Kyat 80,000.

Now, the Hlun Htein informed the people through the proxy/collaborator, Khairul Amin, that they would return the goods to the people they agree to pay them (Hlun Htein) Kyat 50,000 money.

They are all poor. So, they can’t manage money to have their goods back,” said an internally displaced Rohingya in Minbya.

The Rohingya IDP Camps in ‘Parein’ village in Mrauk-U and ‘Thayet Oak’ IDP Camps in Minbya are facing each other separated by the ‘Lemro’ river in between. When the Rohingy IDP from ‘Thayet Oak’ need to go to buy food stuffs and other essential goods in ‘Pon Dauk’ village, they need to cross the river with peddle boats and the ‘Parein’ village where the Camp of Security Forces are located.

“In a situation of great hardships that we have been facing, if they beat up and rob the people often, it will make our lives even more difficult to survive,” continued the displaced Rohingya with a sigh.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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By December 29, 2015 03:14

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