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Security Force Rampage the Village of NagPura (Nga-Kura), Northern Maung Daw

M.S. Anwar|

September 13, 2013

Around 3:30PM on 12th Spetember 2013, Hlun Htein (Myanmar Security Force) led by lieutenant commander of Hlun Htein Regional Cantonment No. 2 raided and rampaged the village of NagPura (Nga-Kura), Northern Maung Daw. He went savage and beat up innocent people for no reason. He kicked and punched old, young, male and female alike in his sight in the village market. He, then, seized a taxi load of fish and severely tortured the fishsellers. (Selling fish is the only source of income for their families.)

Following innocent people were badly tortured:

1) Siraj Salam from Nga-Kura

2) Rashid Ullah from Nga-Kura

3) Junaid from Nga-Kura

4) Fakir (Dilu), an elderly person, from Nga-Kura

5) Bodiya, a shopkeeper in the market, from Nga-Kura (taken into the cell and released two hourse later)

6) Kefayat Ullah from Nga-Kura

7) Mv Rashid from Hansar Bil (Auk Phyuma) from Nga-Kura village tract

8) Badi Alam from Nasha Furu (Ngasa Gyo)

9) Salim Ullah from Lu-Daing (Du-Dan)

10) Abu Ahmed from Bura Shidda Fara (Oo Kyey Kya)

11) Qasim (an elderly person) from Kiari Farang (Kya Yu Pyin)

“We request the central government of Myanmar to take action against these sorts of violent high ranking officers for their atorcities. Only then, the peace and harmony will prevail in the region” said an elderly Rohingya. (Report by MYARF Member)