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Security Force and Rakhine Extremists Confiscate Firewoods Belong to Rohingyas


Tuesday, April 23, 2014

(Maungdaw, Arakan state)- On 20th April 2014, Security Force and Rakhine extremists confiscated firewoods and some empty tanks worth Kyat 788,000 from Rohingyas of Gawdusara (Gawduthara) village tract, Maungdaw township. The empty tanks were used as rafts to carry the woods via river.

“Rohingyas at the village of Gawdusara (Gawduthara), southern Maungdaw, are poor people and lead their livelihoods on gathering firewoods in nearby forests and selling them in markets and local bazaars. However, the post the violence (against Rohingyas) that started in June 2012, HlunHteins (Security Force) and Rakhine extremists have blocked their access to the nearby forests to gather firewoods. Consequently, these poor people have been in grave troubles to lead their lives. Therefore, they secretly go to the forests hiding from the sights of the Security Force and the Rakhine extremists so as to gather firewoods.

Around 2PM on 20th April 2014, as they were trying to raft the firewoods gathered in the forest to their village using (empty oil) tanks via a nearby river, a group of 21 Security Force and 34 Rakhine terrorists armed with Swords, Knives and sticks made to the forest. The Rakhine extremist group included 1) Chay Cho (son of) Aree Maung, 2) Maung Ba Htwe (son of) U Ran Aung, 3) Maung Hla (son of) ? from the village of Khin Chaung of Duchiradan (Kilaidaung) village tract, 4) Thar Htwe (younger brother of, Aung Zan Phru, administrator of Gawdusara village) and other 30 Rakhine extremists from the village of Gawdusara.

The Security Force fired one warningshot in order to arrest the poor Rohingyas rafting the firewoods. Therefore, the poor people ran away leaving their woods behind. And so, the Security Force and Rakhine extremists confiscated the firewoods gathered by the people by putting much hard work and time. Besides, as they (security force) were leaving with the firewoods, they seized a goat worth Kyat 50,000 belonged to Hassan (son of) Boni Amin from the village of Gawdusara and a Cart worth Kyat 150,000 owned by Mohammed Yunus (son of) Sayad from the same village” said a Rohingya in the region.

“The group of Security Force and Rakhine extremists confiscated following stuffs worth Kyat 788,000 from the Rohingyas .