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Security Force Go Vicious Against Rohingya IDP in Sittwe for Preventing Rape

By Stw Zu

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The helpless minor girl almost became a rape victim. (Photo: Stw Zu/Mayu)

Sittwe (Akyab), Arakan state– Around 9PM on 24th May 2014, Security Force (Hlun Htein) at Sey-Thamma-Gyi IDP camps went vicious against internally displaced Rohingyas. They harassed and beat up people because the people tried to prevent a crime against a Rohingya minor girl from taking place.

“Major Htun Lin Aye, second in command of Myanmar Military Battalion 354 based at Bawdupha village in Sittwe, has been notorious for abducting Rohingya girls especially those who have no guardians remaining alive and subsequently raping them. The military officers under his command, too, do the same. He also involves in trafficking of Rohingya people abroad. Some traitors like Abdu Suban (Age 53), administrator of Sey-Thamma village and also a government collaborator, work for him in committing the crimes.

Yesterday (i.e. on 24th May 2014) evening, a 13-year-old Rohingya called ‘Jamilah Khatun (daughter of) Bashir Ahmed’ hail from Bawdupha (Boddil) visited her internally displaced sister in a Sey-Thamma-Gyi Camp. Meanwhile, the above-mentioned administrator broke into the camp and attempted to abduct the minor girl upon instruction by some military personnel under the command of Major Htun Lin Aye. The minor girl shouted and other people at the camps arrived in crowd for her rescue.

So, the administrator ran away and hid in his house. It was 8PM by the time the people went to his house and gathered in crowd in front of his house demanding an explanation why he would commit such crime against a minor girl.

Meanwhile, at 8:30PM, Security Force (Hlun Htein) arrived at the scene and started firing warning shots, harassing and beating up people. Therefore, people started to disperse. Hlun Htein said that they would withdraw their stand only when the leaders of the IDP camps apologized the administrator (who tried to kidnap the minor girl) and the Hlun Hteins.

Now, the leaders of the camps fear that they will be arbitrarily arrested, detained and tortured if they go to the camp of Security Force” said the victim and another internally displaced Rohingya in the camp.

“Now, you can see that, instead of punishing the administrator for his crime against a minor, the authority here is openly promoting rape crimes. Besides, they are torturing people for preventing a crime from taking place. Now, the minor girl wants justice, too” he added.