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Security Force Extort Money from Rohingya by Means of Torture


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan– Security Force from a camp based at the village of Kyauk-Pandu, southern Maungdaw, are extorting money from Rohingyas of the village and of nearby villages of by means of tortures.

“There is a camp of Security Force at the village of Kyauk-Pandu in sourthern Maungdaw. On 6th April 2014, three security force members and Soe Thu, the son-in-law of the village administrator, U Kyaw Sein, raied the home of U Mubarak, a local Rohingya. Then, they arrested him under the accusation under the accusation of possessing illegal Bangladesh Mobile Phones. They severely tortured him and demanded Kyat 100,000 for his release. He was a poor man. So, he was able to pay just Kyat 40,000. In order to get released from the hands of the brutal security force, he had to buy bamboos worth of Kyat 60,000 for the security force from a bamboo trader on credit” said a villager.

“They had arrested U Sayed Kasim, superintendent of the village bazaar, at 10:00PM on 5th April 2014 while was on sentry duty of the bazaar. On 4th April 2014 as well, they went to the beach of Kyauk-Pandu and confiscated woods that Anamul Hassan, a villager of a nearby village called Kanpu, had gathered there to construct an engine boat. The woods were said to be worth of Kyat 500,000. And it happens almost everyday. They arrest people and torture them to extort money. It has become unbearable” he added.