msa October 13, 2016

By Ro Arin

Maungdaw — The second mass-grave of Rohingya Corpses, who had been shot to death by the Myanmar Army, was discovered at the Muslim cemetery located in southern side of East Mosque of Kanyin Tan Myoma, Maungdaw Township, yesterday evening, eyewitnesses said.

On 10 of October, 2016, at night around 12 pm, approximately one dozen of corpses were buried down by millitary personnels. After arriving with five military vans, they firstly surrounded the compound of the cemetery and readily took aim for its security. Then, they broke the lock of mosque´s gate and a van dropped down the corpses at the north-east side of the cemetery driving speedily through and then buried down the corps  by digging a big-wide hole. The dropping blood of the corps was found significantly throughout the way where the corps were dragged through.

The corpses were buried down by packing with white bags (used for rice in Myanmar). The quantity of the corps is believed to be approximately a dozen according to the villagers but  is hard to recognize who they are.

On the same day in the morning, around 9 am, millitary personnels shot seven  Rohingyas to death on point-blank range in  Myo Thu Gyi village, Maungdaw Township and they took four corpses among them away with their van.

Although the exact reason behind the burials of the corpses in Muslim´s  cemetery is still unknown, it is pretty easy to guess.Since the cemetery is a place where people bury corpses, later it will be very difficult to differentiate between the normally buried corpses and the corpses buried by the Military after killing them. It is an action taken by the to destroy the evidences of their extrajudicial mass killings in advance.

During 2012 state-sponsored violence, the Burmese security forces killed hundreds of innocent Rohingyas and buried them in several mass graves that were far from Rohingya villages. But this time, the millitary forces buried down the corps in Muslim´s cemetery. But this time, they are trying to destroy the evidences of their mass killings by burying them in the Muslim cemetery.

The villagers are unable to dig out the graves and give them proper burials fearing the assaults by the Military.

On 10 of October, 2016, at noon, the first mass grave of three Rohingya corpses was found in Kyauk Pyin Saik Village, northern Maungdaw Township.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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