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School Authorities Abuse Funds, Forcibly Collect Money from Rohingya Students

By MYARF & USM ׀ Thursday, July 24, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan State

Authorities of several schools in Maungdaw Township, where majority students are Rohingyas, are abusing the school funds meant for the students and forcibly collect money from them under different pretexts, according to the sources.

Basic Education High School, Kyeing Chaung also known as Bawli Bazaar, northern Maungdaw (Photo: MYARF)
Basic Education High School, Kyeing Chaung also known as Bawli Bazaar, northern Maungdaw (Photo: MYARF)

It has also been learnt that there are hardly any teacher in those schools or any lessons carried out regularly. The authorities are, most of them time, are of Rakhine extremist background and hence discriminate Rohingya students.

Daw Mya Mya Thein, the headmistress of ‘Sanpyaa’ Annex Middle School in Myoma Kayindan village also called Shidda Fara, is said to have sold out the study materials and stationaries meant for Rohingya students in the school and abused the school funds.

“Sanpyaa Annex Middle School is a school located in Rohingya village in Shidda Fara. Education Ministry has provided books, text books and stationaries for the students in the school. However, the headmistress of the school, Daw Mya Mya Thein (daughter of) U Ba Saw Phyu of Rakhine extremist background, has sold out the major portions of them outside. She has abused assistances provided by the government as follows.

-Three out of six exercise books meant for the students have been sold.

– Only Myanmarsar and English Textbooks were provided only to the students of grade 1, 2 & 3. The textbooks of the remaining subjects were sold.

– There are 1,200 students in total in grade 1 to 5. The government has provided a financial assistance of Kyat 1,000 for each of the students. However, she has given money to only few students and spent the rest for her personal use.

– She has collected Kyat 1,000 from about 1,700 students from grade 1 to grade 7 under the pretext of the costs for making Student ID cards although making an ID card costs just Kyat 150. Some students that were not able to pay the money were not provided the Student ID Cards” said a local of Myoma Kayindan.

“She misuses the money collected from the students for her personal use. She abuses the school funds received as the rental from the school’s shop-lots and the financial assistances for the students. Besides, there are no regular lessons carried out in the school” he continued.

On the other hand, the headmistress of High School in Kyein Chaung village also known as Bawli Bazaar in northern Maungdaw identified to be Daw Than Than Htay also forcibly collects money from the students.

“There are 80 Rohingya students in Class Six section B, Kyeing Chaung High School. Daw Than Than Htay, the headmistress of the school, said she needed to buy a wall-clock for the class room. The clock is only worth only Kyat 4,000. But she has started to forcibly collect Kyat 500 from each of the students, making an accumulating amount of Kyat 40,000.

Some students from very poor family background are unable to pay the money. Therefore, the headmistress threatened them that she would fail them in the exam” a student of the school said declining to be named.

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