RVISION December 17, 2016

By ROHINGYA VISION TV Correspondents

Buthidaung: Sa Ra Pha In charge have started to threaten and extort money from Rohingya shop owners and locals in Buthidaung.

In the Incident Sa Ra Pha In charge accused innocent Rohingya shop owners and locals to be in connection with RSO, a group that has long been dismantled according to international reporters and journalist like Bertin Lintner.

The In charge named to be Si Thu Aung have victimized many locals in the area. Recent list of Money extortion and details are given below:

Name Amount Area


Eman Hussain S/O Nobi Husssain 500, 000 Kyats Buthidaung Market (Roll no: 4, Shop no: 9)
Muhammed Sharif 300, 000 Kyats Buthidaung Market (Roll no: 12)


Halek Noor 150,000 Kyats Buthidaung Market (Roll no: 20,Shop no:21)


Muhammed Saley 130,000 Kyats Buthidaung Market (Roll no: 12,Shop no:13)


Monir Ahmed 50, 000 Kyats Buthidaung Market (Roll no: 15)


Loqman Hakim S/O Goni, 60 300, 000 Kyats Ward 1, Buthidaung


Shukkur S/O Oli Miya, 55 150,000 Kyats Ward 1, Buthidaung


Money extortion have been a rooted GENOCIDAL tool since the military rule, where even in the times of so called democracy Burmese Brutal military are committing serious atrocities with the label of CLEARANCE OPERATION in northern Maungdaw.

{Edited by Arifa}

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