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RVision Demand Facebook to Unblock it’s Page

Rohingya Vision’s Burmese Facebook page is blocked completely without providing any justification of their blockade to a page, amplifying the voice of “the most persecuted on Earth” since early morning of 27th August 2017.

Facebook blocked Rohingya Vision Burmese Page by sending a usual message of violating community rules without giving any justification or evidence of it. And haven’t alerted earlier about their so called community rules.

Rohingya Vision is the world’s first Rohingya Satellite Channel dedicated to the plight of the most persecuted people on earth, who is selflessly working on the issues in Arakan (Rakhine) and covering the stories of Genocide going on the Rohingya people by the Burmese government.

It has 3 Facebook pages, 4 twitter accounts in different languages and a YouTube channel along with the broadcasting on air via satellite. And have been on the Facebook sites from a very longer period by taking care of all Facebook community rules and not involving in any vulgar comments or post, hate speech or religious extremism, etc.

Facebook although displays itself as a social networking tool and promotes freedom of speech, it looks it’s only for a limited type of people and community. Blocking one of the page like RVision Burmese for no valid reason, violated “freedom of speech”, for which “Facebook” Being one of the famous social networking sites is known.

Rohingya Vision have been on Facebook since 2012 beginning with its English and up till now it have been vastly working for the Rohingya people along with respecting and following all code and conduct of Facebook.

This type of unexpected and unethical behavior from Facebook Company have surprised and disappointed the Rohingya Vision’s team and its audience worldwide, whom rely on Rohingya Vision for the unveiled story of atrocities committed by the well-known culprit regime of Burmese.

It is seen that since the Burmese government’s spokesperson Zaw Htay waged a media war on Rohingya Vision on 26th July 2017, by his statement in a press conference he threatened the Rohingya Vision’s Facebook pages to be blocked in coordination with the Facebook Company.

Now at this point of time, his threatening have been implemented by the Facebook and it’s a hard evidence of Facebook’s inefficiency to justify between right and wrong. And Facebook is completely responsible in implementing such a cowardice act and acted as a proxy of the Brutal Burmese government.

This behavior indicated Facebook support towards a government that been known for its systematic murder, gang rapes, extrajudicial killings and arbitrarily arrest on a minority that has been under oppression for almost 60 years in their own soil.

Facebook’s this action have not only violated the freedom of speech of Rohingya Vision but have violated & discriminated  an oppressed community like Rohingya’s voice, whom are in an era of extinction from the surface of earth.

In response to such a unethical action of Facebook, Rohingya Vision’s CEO have urged all human Right’s & Media freedom’s activists to stand in cooperation with Rohingya Vision in its fight towards a government and Facebook Company whom are squeezing the voice of the most voiceless “Rohingya”.

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