Rohingyas sufferings at Dar Paing Concentration camp, outskirts of Akkyab

By Arifa July 30, 2016 15:07

Rohingyas sufferings at Dar Paing Concentration camp, outskirts of Akkyab


Akkyab (Sittwe): Dar Paing is a Concentration camp holding up to 8,000 shelters, where Rohingyas are denied of all basic Rights including daily meals.

Frontier visited the camp at the start of Arakan’s relentless rainy season, heavy rain had created a small stream on one side of the camp. On the other side of the stream was a group of displaced villagers who were not registered on even food ration lists.

They told Frontier they did not received food rations for seven months and relied solely on financial support from private donors.

A mother showed her son, his bloated belly an apparent symptom of malnutrition. Frontier later learned he was diagnosed with severe anemia and had been discharged from hospital three weeks previously. Other villagers said their flimsy shelters are nothing more than a tarpaulin held up by a bamboo pole, would not survive the rainy season.

“We are hardly surviving here,” said Daw Lailar Begun, an elderly resident of the unregistered camp. “Our children cannot go to school. If someone is sick, we have no money to take them to the doctor. We are thankful for those who have donated to us, but we need something more,” she said.

For Rohingyas without access to food rations, the situation is even more desperate and sufferings have reached to its peak. As there’s no hope from the so called democratic government as well, lingering Rohingyas look forward to international NGOs and Aid organizations.

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By Arifa July 30, 2016 15:07

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