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Rohingyas Subjected to Forced Labour by Myanmar’s Military

By Aung Aung

Sittwe, Arakan (Rohingya Vision) — Myanmar’s Military subjected many Rohingyas in Aung Mingalar quarter of Sittwe (Akyab) as forced labours yesterday.

The military under battalion 540 forced many Rohingyas from Aung Mingalar quarter to mow grasses and clean the dirt in Kundan Quarter all day long.

“Kundan Quarter was a Rohingya quarter. Their (Rohingyas’) homes were burnt down during the violence in June 2012 by the state-sponsored terrorists. Since then, the military has occupied the quarter. And they want to use the evacuated land for their own purpose. So, they took us as forced labours to clean the dirt and mow the grasses.

Besides, one of us has witnessed that the military use the mosque in the quarter as the toilet” said a victim of forced labouring.

After the Kundan quarter had been destroyed, 500 Rohingya families became internally displaced (IDP) and homeless.

The Thein Sein Government’s intention to cleanse the Rohingya people or drive them out of the country is apparent if you see that it doesn’t want to restore them to their lands. Instead, the Rakhine authorities are occupying their lands and; erecting structures and constructing buildings.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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