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August 21, 2013

Maung Daw, Arakan– Nowadays, many shops owned by Rohingyas in Maung Daw are getting looted during curfew time imposed from 10PM to 6AM. Within a month’s time, three electrnoic shops were looted and left plundered. Rohingyas suspect Hlun Htein (Security Force) and Rakhies of carrying out the stealings and lootings.

A local of Maung Daw said “within a month’s time, three electronic acessories shops got looted during curfew time.

1) On 19th July 2013, a shop owned by Hafiz Zahid S/o Amin Jamal from quarter 5 got looted. It is located at the ThinBawSeik (Jetty) Road.

2) On 24th July 2013, another shop, at Clock-Tower Junction, owned by Mujib S/o Azizul Haque (from quarter 2) was plundered and everything was stolen.

3) Between 1 O’ Clock and 4 O’ Clock on 20th August 2013 morning, a shop, located opposite to Maha Bandula Park, got looted. It was owned by Ziya from quarter 2 and his father is known as Hitachi. He lost around Kyat 100,000 worth of electronic devices.

Before this (the latest) robbery took place, Regional Security In Charge, Lieutenant Tun Tun, and Corporal Hla Myint had been seen at the place. When they left the place around 4AM, the shop had already been looted.

They are targeting electronic shops maybe because they can get imported electronic devices of good quality.”

He continued saying “during the curfew time, which is from 10PM to 6AM, no Rohingya in the town can remain outside. In fact, no Rohingya can be seen 8PM afterwards. Only authority, Securty Force and Rakhines can roam around in the town. Therefore, we do feel that taking advantage of curfew imposed by the central government, Hlun Htein in cooperation with Rakhines are carrying out all these robberies. And people are very worried for that.”

Three Places in Maung Daw, Where The Crimes Were Reported To Have Taken Place (Photo: Google Map)
Three Places in Maung Daw, Where The Crimes Were Reported To Have Taken Place (Photo: Google Map)

Reports by Sindhi Khan

Edited by MS Anwar



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