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Rohingyas of Buthidaung Denied From any Livelihood Activity

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 1st November 2018

Buthidaung: Remaining Rohingya in Buthidaung Township are totally barred from any livelihood activity and they were forced to take any Mogh’s (Rakhines) name if they want to do any form of earnings, reports a suffering Rohingya today (1st November 2018) from Buthidaung Township.

Administrator officers from Buthidaung Township ordered Rohingya not to be involved in any livelihood activity and if they want to do so, they must use a Mogh’s name, if they do not have Burmese national identification card.

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Following the situation now, none Rohingya can do anything including owning a shop or business, etc. as Rohingya are denied citizenship in their own land officially since 1982.

Keeping such illogical condition will stop Rohingya from any earnings and it will seriously affect their living condition, which is already in a very worst state.

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“This is simply another way to stop Rohingya little forms of existing earning. They want to tighten all these so that we also leave our home like other millions of Rohingya in Bangladesh,” explains a shop owner from Buthidaung Township.

Since 2016, more than 1.3 million Rohingya are sheltering in makeshift camps of Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh and now remaining Rohingya are also further planned to wipe out from the soil of Arakan (Rakhine).

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