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Rohingya’s Money Extorted over IMO’s Distribution of Sheltering Aids

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 27th December 2017

Kutupalong, Cox’s Bazar: Local officials of International Organization of Migration (IOM) along with area supervisors extorted money from Rohingyas in return of sheltering aids on 26th December 2017, reports victims.

Supervisors of D4 area in Kutupalong new make shift camp along with local officers of International Organization of Migration (IOM) have extorted 60 Taka/per family in return of receiving aids like bamboo and plastic for building shelters.

As regular program of International Organization of Migration (IOM) since last week it arranged a free distribution of immediate aids like bamboo and plastic to the newly arrived Rohingyas for providing a roof over their head.

Flowing that IMO officers gathered and piled huge amounts of bamboo and plastics, which were supposed to be distributed freely to the lingering Rohingyas. “In reality local officers along with area supervisors are taking advantage of this aid distribution and is charging from poor Rohingyas, whom were expelled from their land since late August 2017” explains an old refugee.

[Bamboo piled up by IOM in D4 area of Kutupalong in Cox’sBazar, Bangladesh. Image: Rohingya Vision TV]

655,000 new arrivals are reported as of 26 December, according to IOM and lives of the Rohingyas in the temporary makeshift camps are worsening day by day, where they have been targeted by different bodies and even locals for trapping them in different forms of harassment.




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