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Rohingyas Inhumanely Tortured for Rejecting ‘Illegal Bengali Immigrants’ Tag

MYARF, Sindhi Khan & Maung Z

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP)

Maungdaw, Arakan: Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) has gone barbaric and are exploiting all sorts of threats and tortures against Rohingyas to force them (Rohingya) to accept ‘Illegal Bengali Immigrants’ Tag. They have been brutally torturing 12 innocent Rohingyas arrested at the village of Kanpoo in southern Maungdaw in recent few days for refusing to accept the tag.

“Since an operation against Rohingyas named ‘Operation Whale’ began on June 10, 2014, Maungdaw Police have arrested several innocent Rohingyas at the village of Kanpoo (Hojjar Bil) in southern Maungdaw for refusing to accept ‘Illegal Bengali Immigrants’ Classification.

Border Guard Police (BGP) from Camp of Regional Commandment Area 7 arrested 11 innocent Rohingyas on June 10, 2014, accusing them of persuading them villagers to reject Bengali Tag in the census-like-operation. They are-

1)     Anamul Hasan (son of) Mohammed Nazir (of Age 28),

2)     Naimul Hassan (son of) Mohammed Nazir (of Age 25),

3)     Abdul Hoque (son of) Jafar Ahmed (of Age 42),

4)     Sayedul Amin (son of) Abdul Hoque (of Age 20),

5)     Mohammedur Rahman (son of) Fazal (fayaz) Rahman (Age 50),

6)     Shuna Meah (son of) Mohammedur Rahman (of Age 23),

7)     Nur Alam (son of) Dudu Meah (of age 24),

8)     Riyazullah @Riyazul Karim) (son of) Mohammed Shafi (of Age 18),

9)   Abdu Shukkor (son of) Jormulluk @Fukkunya (of Age 17) and

10) Abul Hashim (son of) Mohammed Hussain (of Age 28)

11)  Ghulam Shariff (son of) Mu’aika (of Age ?).

Around 11AM on 12th June 2014, Salimullah (son of) Abdus Salam (of age 47) was also arrested under the same accusation. They were sent to Maungdaw Police Station on the same day (i.e. 12th June 2014). They have being brutally tortured in Police Custody since then. Likewise, many Rohingya women were bodily harassed, manhandled and tortured for refusing to follow the BGP’s Order in absence of their husbands and guardians.

On the other hand, in some other villages, BGP removed names of Rohingyas from family list as they were absent during the operation. The arbitrary action by the authority will make the Rohingyas illegal in their own places. For example, at the village of Myint Hlut (Mer Ullah) in southern Maungdaw, Abul Kalam (son of) Lukhman (of age 21) was removed from his family list as he was absent” said a Rohingya elder in Maungdaw.

“BGP led by Chief Commanding Officer Colonel Tin Ko Ko and his Deputy Officer have been behaving barbaric, harassing and threatening Administrators of Rohingya villages, Rohingya Religious Scholars and Community Elders to force people to accept ‘Illegal Bengali Immigrants’ classification tag. They are exploiting/ will exploit all means they have. Rohingyas are standing firm for their rights.

On 14th June 2014 as well, a team of BGP and Immigrations tried to force Rohingyas in the Shoondori Fara hamlet of Quarter 3 Maungdaw to accept the classification. Rohingyas refused to accept the unjust and illegal claim by the authority” he continued.


A Typical Example of Threat against Rohingya people Below:

Threat by Deputy Commanding Officer of BGP (a Rakhine by ethnicity) under Chief Commanding Officer Colonel Tin Ko Ko against Rohingyas in a meeting with Rohingya religious scholars on 12th June 2014-

“If you want to live in this country, you must do as we say. If you don’t want, then get out for Bangladesh, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. We are kings in our country. (United States of) America doesn’t rule us. America sanctioned us economically for 20 years. They were unable to move us.

We have shown our strength by killing a trooper of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB). They dare not do anything against us in revenge.

We don’t give a damn about any UN Organizations. Why don’t you, bloody Kulars, want to accept what we want? With whose supports? If you want to live here, you must follow our rules. We have openly declared that there is no Rohingya. If you don’t want to accept it with our soft approach, we will be brutal as NaSaKa (the disbanded Border Security Force) have done to you in the past.

Don’t you know about the camps in Sittwe. There are four camps in Sittwe. If you don’t follow our orders, we will make you all into displaced and turn your villages into camps. We will confiscate your lands, we will confiscate shops.”

We will blacklist all of you like we did against the villagers of Duchiradan (Kilaidaung). We will ban you from going to forest, rivers and your travel access etc.”

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