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Rohingyas in Sittway Condemn RFA’s False Reports

Rohingyas in Sittway Condemn RFA’s False Reports
August 09
19:46 2013

August 10, 2013

RVisionTV News

At least three to six Rohingyas died in the shoot out by Myanmar’s Security Force (Hluntin) at the internally displaced Rohingyas in Sittway (Akyab), Arakan, on 9th August 2013 morning.

However, according to the local Rohingyas in Sittway, a reporting by Radio Free Asia (RFA) Burmese Program on the incident happened to be false, misleading, baised and fueling the fire more. A senior Rohingya on behalf of all Rohingyas in Sittway put it as follows.

“At 8PM-9PM Burmese program on 9th August 2013, RFA did an interview with the spokesperson of Rakhine Administration, U Win Naing. (The interview in Burmese can be listened here:

Shockingly, RFA simply repeated the exact lines of the the spokeperson of Rakhine Administration. No moderation was done to his interview and presented as if it was true news and what had actually happened. RFA broadcast was as follows.

Secuirty Force had to fire at the crowd to control the situation as the thousands of Muslims gathering to demand a dead body of Muslim woman found at Oun Daw Gyi be handed over. So, the situation calmed down for a while.

And then, Muslims burnt down a Police station and the camps of the security force nearby Bawdu Pha camps. And Muslims are blocking the roads to the Oun Daw Gyi Camps and Bawdu Pha Camps to prevent the access of the security force’s vehicles to the camps. In the shoot out, four Muslims got injured. Hence, the situation still remains tensed.

Rakhine State Administration is mostly behind the massacres of Muslims in Arakan. If you ask the same criminals who have committed crimes by themselves what had happened, what will they say rather than bucking up the blames on the victims? This is what has happened in the interview.

RFA is one of the most listened radio in Myanmar. Any of its false reports can spread wrong messages to the general Burmese and can incite more hatred against Muslims. If RFA, a well-known media in the world, spread false and misguiding reports, helps the criminals by concealing their crimes and tries to victimize the already crippled people, they will not only be unethical and unprofessionals but also be in the list of supporters of crimes.

Hence, we condemn any such attempts by anyone. We request all of you to refrain from such kinds of unethical and criminal behavior.

However, we know that many at times, broadcasting flase news is not done according to the decision of the higher authority of RFA. Some racist Burmese staffs just manipulate the freedom provided.

Therefore we request RFA authority to take action against the unethical and criminal behaviors by some of its staffs lest it should tarnish the image of RFA. We request international community to be aware of such propaganda and criminal behaviours and to press all the concerened quarters.”

 Received and Written Down by MS Anwar



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