msa August 13, 2013

MS Anwar

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August 13, 2013

Rathedaung, Arakan– On 11th August 2013 night, a joint group of Military and Security Force (Hlun Htin) raided two Rohingya villages, Chaung Rwa and Zaydi Pyin, in Rathedaung township. They arbitrarily arrested and severely beat ten Rohingyas. The Miilitary and Security released them later having extorted Kyat 5,000 from each.

A Rohingya in the region reported the account as follows.

“A joint group of Military and Hlun Htin raided two villages, Chaung Rwa and Zaydi Pyin on 11th August 2013 night. They arrested ten Rohingyas without any reason and tortured them. Later, they (Rohingyas) were released after extortion of Kyat 5,000 from each of them. The arrested Rohingyas were:

1) Salamat Ullah S/o Abdu Salam (Age35) from Chaung Rwa

2) Mohammed Amin S/o Shamshudding (Age18) from Chaung Rwa

3) Abu Siddique S/o Shabbir Ahmed (Age 32) from Chaung Rwa

4) Mohammed Hussain S/o Nurul Islam (Age 22) from Zaydi Pyin

5) Zahid S/o Abul Hussain (Age 20) from Zaydi Pyin

6) Abdu Jalil S/o Lukhman Hakim (Age ?) from Zaydi Pyin

7) Mohammed Zubair /o Lal Meah (Age 20) from Mrauk Rwa

8) Zuliya D/o Amir Hussain (Age 60) visiting Chaung Rwa together with her three grandchildren.”

He continued “besides, Rohingya fishermen at the village of Chaung Rwa of Kyauktaung village tract in Rathedaung are forced to pay Kyat 10,000 to the administrator of the village, Aung Htin Mya, every time they (Rohingyas) set off for fishing. He has extorted money from 25 people till date. According to him, he is doing so and acting upon the order by the central government of Myanmar.”

It has also been reported that Rohingyas in Rathedaung are living under extremely miserable situation as there are enough food supply (even for purchase) for Muslims and many barriers set up against their livelihoods.