msa December 27, 2014

By M.S. Anwar

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Rohingya Vision) — Rohingya community in Malaysia is deeply concerned over the ongoing flood crisis in the country, according to some Rohingyas living in Kuala Lumpur areas.

According to a report by the Star Newspaper yesterday, the number of flood victims in seven states has now reached 119,087 with Kelantan the most critical with 45,467 people.

The flood that has hit seven states in the country especially eastern and northern states like Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu is considered to be the worst flood disaster in decades.

Concerning over the natural disaster, Noor Mohammed, a Rohingya in Kuala Lumpur said “we are really sad over the situation that Malaysian people are going through. We owe Malaysia a lot. We are praying to Allah that He leads the country to a quick recovery. We hope Allah gives us a chance to serve Malaysia especially at a critical time like today.”

Similarly, Mr. Farid, another Rohingya expressed “Malaysia has supported the Rohingyas leaving Arakan, Myanmar, due to state-sponsored persecutions and arriving in Malaysia. It has been with us through thick and thin. It is high time we contributed towards Malaysia. We are deeply concerned over the ongoing disaster. We are ready to help and take part in the relief process as much as we can.”

The Rohingyas live in Malaysia as asylum-seekers, refugees, professionals and students.

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