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Rohingyas Horrific Outcry in Newly Makeshift Camps of Bangladesh

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents| 9th November 2017

Cox’sBazar: Rohingyas in newly makeshift camp in Onciparang of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh from water supply to daily movement by local authorities in the area, reports suffering Rohingya.

In the makeshift camp in Onciparang camp, local authorities with the support of some unjust government forces are stressing up the Rohingyas’ daily activities from daily shopping to random movement in the region.

The camps in Onciparang is located in hilly areas where no proper roads for movement are available and water shortage is at minimum level. Rohingyas lingering with such harsh condition are not allowed to go for shopping to local markets or either to travel to other nearby villages.

Local in collaboration with the government authorities have restricted the Rohingyas from traveling towards the local markets for shopping daily household items. They have taken this strategic position so that they can earn illegally from Rohingya by selling all household products at higher range.

Moreover if any one tried to travel toward the local market or any other nearby village authorities catch the innocent Rohingya and make their eyes exposed to direct sunlight as punishment.

More 1 million Rohingya are residing in both registered and unregistered camp of Bangladesh, where Rohingyas are still facing severe hardships in each stage of their life after fleeing horrific massacre in their own ancestral land.

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