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Rohingya’s Harassed and Tortured by Locals in Tenghali

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 26th February 2018

Tenghali: Bangladeshi locals in Tenghali area in Cox’s Bazaar district are harassing and torturing the newly arrived Rohingya refugees on 25th February 2018, report victims.

Local Bangladeshi have blocked the movement of Rohingya in Tenghali camp illegally and are banned to move in and out after 07:00 PM, even in case of emergency and need.

Yesterday (25th Feb) 3 Rohingya were tortured by tying up and beating inhumanely in 3 separate consecutive incidences.

In the first incidence a Rohingya who tried to reach his home after his hard daily work for livelihood, was not allowed to enter his home. He was abused and tortured physically to critical injuries by the Bangladeshi locals in that area.

The same group tied up and tortured one more elderly Rohingya, while he was on his way back to his shelter after buying daily groceries.

Later one more person while going for prayer was tortured inhumanely by the same group in similar way by tying up like a criminal.

These torturing and abusing incidence are gearing up the sufferings of newly arrived refugees, who hardly came out of trauma, they faced  in the ongoing genocidal operation. The government lead genocidal operation engulfed the northern Arakan (Rakhine) state since late 2017, forcing an exodus of more than 800, 000 people towards the makeshift camps of Bangladesh.

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