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Rohingyas Face Unending Crises of Acute Food and Water Shortage

Displaced from homes and segregated in remote and hostile areas, thousands of Rohingyas in Arakan state face unending crises of Acute Food and Water shortage, latest reports reveal

By MJ, Maung Aye & Rohang Maung

Rohingya Vision News

Sittwe (Akyab) — Thousands of internally displaced people (IDP) at camps in ‘Pauktaw, Kyauktaw and Sittwe’ Townships have been suffering from unending crisis of acute food shortage for a long time, whereas as well as thousands of people at villages especially in ‘Kyauktaw and Punna Gyun’ Townships are facing water shortage too.

In ‘Nget Chaung’ IDP Camps in Pauktaw, there are more than three thousand people not reieving any food assistances at all. Deprivation of their access to livelihoods makes their plight even worse.

“During the time of Mahasen Cyclone in May 2013, around 6,000 IDP  from Nget Chaung Camps moved to ‘Anauk Ywe (Ana Raing) and Sintet Maw (Sandama)’ IDP camps because of the fear of getting fear of getting flooded as the camps are situated very low-lying areas. On the way to Anauk Ywe and Sintet Maw along the river, a boat with IDP on board capsized and around 50 people died, too. Meanwhile, around 800 people stayed back at Nget Chaung.

12822892_963444750375998_824627707_oSoon after the cyclone, the Burmese authorities started to force these people back to Nget Chaung camps as they built some shelters here. The government managed to force back around 3,000 people to Nget Chaung, while other 3,000 people stayed on in to Anauk Ywe and Sintet Maw because they viewed the move by the government —  to force them to stay in the small shelter houses in Nget Chaung – was risky and not to restore them to their original lands and homes.

However, these people had no other choice but to eventually return to Nget Camps and stay there. They returned afterwards. But they have never received any sort of humanitarian aids or food rations. Although WFP (World Food Programme) and the State-Government have the data of people in their records and they (i.e. IDP without humanitarian assistance) have written to them several times, they have never provided any help.

They can’t go anywhere to work either. Hence, they urgently need food rations. Else, they have to face a disastrous,” said internally displaced Rohingya in Pauktaw.

Similarly, the Rohingyas in many villages in Kyauktaw and ‘Thae Dar Kaadi’ village in Punna Gyun have started to face an acute shortage of water in the region as the summer has begun.

“The water-ponds and wells in most of the villages such as ‘Guna Fara, Pauktoli and Hunta Khali etc’ in Kyauktaw have dried out. There are no enough Hand-Pumps (to extract water from the ground either).

The water drought has hit the sole and only Rohingya village in Punna Gyun Township named ‘Siddir Kul (Thae Dar Kaadi)’ the worst. They are suffering a lot.

Therefore, we seek your kind humanitarian assistances to solves water crisis,” pleaded a local Rohingya in Kyauktaw.

On other hand, humanitarian assistance including food assistance for the displaced Rohingyas in Anauk Ywe have been either cut back or stopped after the domestically formed NGO named LWF (Lutheran World Foundation) had replaced many humanitarian INGOs.

Anauk-YweA Rohingya living in the village said “LWF has been set up in Arakan with the involvements of the government and many racist Rakhine nationalities along with some foreigners. It has replaced many INGOs such as DRC (Danish Refugee Council), UNHCR, WFP, UNICEF etc and taken over their works.

Since then, not only the handiwork training given to the Rohingya women have stopped but also ration provisions to IDP have been reduced. When we complain to the INGOs, they reply that they are unable to help out because their access has been limited after that.

Currently, the people here are in big troubles.”

In ‘Say Tha Ma Gyi’ IDP Camps in Sittwe as well, there are several thousands of unregistered IDP rendered without any humanitarian aids. They have been almost starving and need urgent food rations, according to a displaced person in the camp.

Other isolated places where the Rohingyas have been facing Food Shortage are Anauk Pyin village in Rathedaung Township and Parein and Yanthay villages in Mrauk-U (Fatthar Killa) Township.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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