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Rohingyas Deceived and Fatally Tortured by Barbaric Rakhines

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 19th November 2017

Arakan: Barbaric Moghs (Rakhines) accelerated their inhumane tortures on Rohingyas in Maungdaw and Phauktaw Townships today (19th November 2017), reports victims from crime scene.

In the incident in Phauktaw 4 Rohingyas from the village near Nassadaw military camp was called by 2 Moghs (Rakhines) to work in their village as a labor. Because of the usual tortures and killing they hesitated to do so. Following their fear 2 of the Moghs took responsibility of their life and promised them their safety.

To earn some money and feed their family, 4 of them decided to take the job. Immediately after entering the Mogh (Rakhine) village a group of Mogh youths attacked the Rohingyas physically and left 2 critically injured. According to locals other 2 managed to escape the attack.

The injured Rohingyas are in critical health condition and are expected to die soon as they cannot receive any form of immediate health care.

Similar incidence took place in Maungdaw with a Rohingya Rickshaw driver who was deceived in the same way by promising his safety by a Hindu man and forced him to enter a Mogh (Rakhine) village.

Soon after his entry to the village he was beaten inhumanely by a group of Rakhine and made him critically injured. The victim was a common rickshaw driver hailing from Monnifara village who was driving as usual for his livelihood.

Heartbreaking crimes like tortures and killings became a common situation in the soil of Arakan, where innocent Rohingyas are still paying the cost of living in their own ancestral land by loosing their lives.

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