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Rohingya Worried about Ongoing Illegal Firearms Trainings in Rakhine Villages


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Some hand-made guns captured in the monastery of Allu-Daw-Byi, Myoma Kayintan, Maungdaw (Photo: CR)

Maungdaw, Arakan- Eye-Witnesses say there are many Rakhines (Maghs) going under extensive Firearms Trainings in the village of Thayet-Oak (Maangala), northern Maungdaw. The villagers are worried about a possible terrorists’ attack by Rakhine extremists.

“Many stranger Rakhines (Maghs) seem to be members of 969 terrorist gang have arrived at Rakhine village of Thayet-Oak (Maangaala) recently. They are providing firearms traninings, swordsmanship and stick-fighting to the local Rakhines at the premise of a (rural) hospital in the village. Many of them keep ponytails.

At the hospital, local Rohingyas were able to have medical treaments. Nowadays, the authority of the hospital oust Rohingyas saying ‘we won’t treat you Bengalis.’ We feel they are doing so lest the ongoing illegal activities at the premise of the hospital should be uncovered.

On 5th April 2014 afternoon, fromwards the village of Kyan-Pyin, two strange saffron-robed Rakhines with shaven-heads suspected to be members of 969, riding a motorbike, arrived at the sentry post to the east of the village of Thayet-Oak. After that, one of them unnoticeably walked into the village of Thayet-Oak” said a Rohingya from a nearby village.

“The villagers of Thayet-Oak are worried of the fact that Rakhines may attack them and torch their homes like they did in the village of Long-Doong in northern Maungdaw on 10th March 2014″ he added.

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