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Rohingya Women Plea to King Salman of Saudi Arabia

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 14th July 2018

Cox’s Bazaar:  A desperate group of Rohingya parents and relatives gathered at Kutupalong makeshift camp and pleaded to King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, to release their relatives detained in Saudi immigration detention center in Jeddah, reports a Rohingya from the area today (14th July, 2018).

Hundreds of Rohingya people were detained in different detention centres in Saudi Arabia. Reason of detaining was just improper documentation issues, as Rohingya are denied citizenship and passport in their own country.

According to statements from detentions confirms that, there are many Rohingya detainees whom are suffering from serious illness, such as Malaria, Diabetics, Fungal infectious diseases, etc, including cases of deaths as well. Most of the Rohingya detainees were detained up 4-5 years, but some were detained even up to six years now.

“We are not Bengali nor Nepali, we are Rohingya, we are urging and requesting to free our people from detention”, shouted a Rohingya in the gathering out of deep anguish.

Watch their plea to King Salman:

“If they were people of rich countries they would have set them free, but as we are part of a Rohingya community, whom are made stateless, so we have to suffer” he further added.

Those Rohingya detainees usually entered Saudi Arabia by different passports from neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and others, provided by agents and brokers.

Due to this issues, they are neither accepted as Rohingya nor citizens of the countries that they used the documentation for entering Saudi Arabia.

In today’s gathering, Rohingya hailing from different makeshift like Balukhali, Tenghali and other camps gathered at Kutupalong and urged to Saudi King Salman to free their relatives from Al-Shumaisi Detention Center, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Even earlier, they urged and pleaded to Saudi King, when they were in Arakan (Rakhine) in late 2017. Now, their conditions have worsen after their forced settlements in makeshift camps of Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh.

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In late 2017, their homes were burnt and their families were massacred by Burmese forces’ clearance operations, which forced them to travel towards neighboring Bangladesh.

Even earlier Rohingya have appreciated Saudi government for their genorocity and now they are again thanking and pleading for releasing the Rohingya detainees immediately from detentions.

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