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More Rohingya Women Gang-Raped by Burmese Armed Forces

By RVision TV Correspondents

Maungdaw – At least eight Rohingya women were brutally gang-raped by the Burmese armed forces in different villages in northern Maungdaw yesterday, a reliable source reports.

These eight women were some of the latest victims of the continual rapes by the Burmese Military and Border Guard Police (BGP) in northern Maungdaw. Many more women were reported to have been raped on the earlier days. [Read Report HERE.]

“It has been reported that the military raped five teenage girls at ‘Singiri’ hamlet of ‘NgaSarKyu (NashaFuru)’ village during a raid yesterday evening around 4:30 PM. All girls were between 16 and 19. Many homes were plundered around the same time.

“Around at the same time, another group of the military molested many women in the neighboring ‘Hla Phoe Gaung’ village and robbed/forcibly pulled away ornaments from their bodies. The villagers were beaten and tortured too”, said a local resident of NgaSarKyu.

On the other hand, three Burmese BGP personnel gang-raped a 25-yeard old Rohingya woman at the gun-point at the ‘MotuFara’ hamlet of ‘KyiKanPyin (Hawar Bil)’ village tract around 11:00 AM yesterday.

Around 2:00 PM of the day, a group of the Burmese military gang-raped two women at gun-point at ‘MuraFara’ hamlet of ‘NganChaung (NaingChong) village tract. The raped victims are 25 and 27 years old respectively.

The loots and plundering of Rohingya homes by the Burmese armed forces also happened in the above-mentioned villages but this is a daily occurring atrocity in Maungdaw.

Note: We withhold the identities of the raped victims to guard their safety.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar & Arifa]

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