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RVISION team is very happy to announce that it has reached its destination as satellite TV Channel and it’s on NILESAT 11315 V and it’s available for its viewers in Middle Eastern countries.

Starting from the beginning of the new Islamic year 1438 RVISION TV channel will broadcast news , reports , newsletters and programs for religious, cultural, historical, social, health and others in multi-languages such as Rohingya , Arabic and English and Burmese, as they are now on the online YouTube Channel.

After much effort and severe struggle RVISION group has achieved this success, and it was first YouTube Channel of Rohingya which is once again going to be the first Rohingya television channel broadcasting live on satellite in the history of “the people most persecuted people on Earth”known as “Rohingya” , at the same time is a success story for the youths fighting for their ancestral homeland to regain rights and justice.

“RVISION” is an independent Media Channel and it is not affiliated with any political, governmental for religious organization. Its ultimate objective is to document and disseminate news related to Rohingya issues and to empower Rohingyas youths.

At the beginning of 2012 a group of Rohingya youth from various media background gathered with a view to create a media channel to bring awareness of the Rohingya issues and address the problems for an attainable solution. Thus on 21 April 2012 RVISION (Rohingya Vision) was born.

“Rohingya” is a indigenous ethnic and cultural group of people who pride their existence and achievements among other cultures and nations of the world. They have been subjected to extreme forms of persecution and ethnic exploitation and cleansing for the last 6 decades in their own ancestral land and they are now in the final stage of GENOCIDE.


A glimpse at RVISION Programs below:


Detail of Broadcasting and Launch:

Launching Date : 02 Oct 2016

Satellite : Nilesat

Frequency : 11315

Polarization : V

Symbol rate: 27500


Edited: Arifa

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