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Rohingya Village Devastated by Cyclone, Villagers Still Await Reliefs

By Rohingya Mirror

Buthidaung, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) — A whole Rohingya hamlet in Buthidaung Township was devastated by the recent cyclone but the concerned authorities refuse to help the villagers discriminating on the basis of their race and religion, the victims say.

The hamlet in the desperate situation is ‘Daanu Miya’ hamlet of ‘Kyaukphyu Thar Thay Kan’ village tract in southern Buthidaung. Most of the residents of the village are poor farmers made up of 80 households. The hamlet totally went under flooding caused by the storm.  

Two children and one pregnant were killed in the flood. Out of the 80 homes, 65 were homes were totally destroyed. Foods, Rations and other household goods were swept away by the floods. Livestock such buffaloes, cattle and chickens are also got drown in the flood and died. Agricultural lands too were devastated by 100%.

On July around 2:00PM, the villagers from ‘Pharun Chaung’ Rohingya village made to the place by peddle boats and engine boats to save the people from drowning. The villagers have given them shelters in their homes since then. In short, the plight of the people is absolutely miserable and painful.

However, no concerned authorities in Buthidaung Township or any other Humanitarian Organizations have come up to provide reliefs to the disaster-hit victims yet. Although the district administration and the township administration have the responsibilities to help the victims under their governance, they have not even visited their place let alone helping them out.

The sole reason of not helping is that they are Rohingyas and follow a different religion, according to a local in Buthidaung.

Similarly, there are thousands of Rohingya people internally displaced by the storm and the flooding in other parts of the township. Although UNHCR has provided ‘Family Relief Kit’ for each of the households in some villages, many of the families have not received them. Besides, one needs permission from the township administration to distribute the family kits and distribute them according to the instruction by the administration.

Moreover, Buthidaung Township Administrator distributed aids to the people in ‘Taung Bazaar’ and ‘Pyin Daw Pyin’ villages in northern Buthidaung on July 30. Although both Rakhines and Rohingyas were equally affected by the natural disaster, he provided 50 Kg Sack of Rice to each of the Rakhine families but only 4 Kgs of Rice to a Rohingya family each.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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