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Another Rohingya Attempted to Suicide in Fear of Forced Repatriation

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 6th November 2018

Cox’s Bazaar: In prior to the forced repatriation process another Rohingya attempted to suicide, after his name was also added to the list of repatriating Rohingya today (6th October), reports a Rohingya from the scene.

The Rohingya named Hamid Hussain S/O Zoumbul Haaq, 55 attempted to suicide by hitting himself on his head with a butcher knife and was stopped by nearby Rohingya immediately on the scene.

Hamid Hussain, 55 injured after attempting to suicide in fear of repatriation to Arakan today. Image: RVISION TV

His deep cut on his head left him critically injured and is now admitted to the nearby MSF clinic. The victim originally hails from Bolibazar of Maungdaw Township and is sheltering at D2 Block of Unchiprang camp now.

Earlier in the morning he heard from a group of BRAC NGO workers that his name was on the list of repatriating Rohingya and they are here in the camps to collect more names of the Rohingya.

Later, Camp in Charge (CIC) held a meeting with camp supervisors and abused the Rohingya, saying that they have to leave the camps.

According to a Rohingya who attended the meeting said one of the officer after the meeting shouted by saying “who will feed you guys here and for how long and you all must return soon,” when Rohingya denied their proposal.

After hearing and seeing all these situation with his own eyes, Hamid could not tolerate the past trauma of the tortures he faced in Arakan and decided to suicide.

Fortunately, his suicide attempt was seen by the nearby Rohingya and they stopped him to do so.

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Earlier on 3rd November, another Rohingya elderly tried to commit suicide in fear of returning to Arakan, where his two sons were killed by Burmese forces in-front of his own eyes.

Since the beginning Rohingya denied repeatedly to return in the ongoing genocidal operation in Arakan, and from now Burma-Bangladesh deal of immediate repatriation is proving life-threatening for the Rohingya genocide survivors.

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