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By MYARF ׀ Sunday, August 24, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan State׀

A Rohingya teenager passed away on August 14 as a consequence of the injections by the doctor in-charge of the Maungdaw General Hospital, locals say.

Noor Hakim, Age 16, died after taking injections by a racist Rakhine doctor (Photo: MYARF)
Noor Hakim, Age 16, died after taking injections by a racist Rakhine doctor (Photo: MYARF)

Reports say that the doctor, Dr. Kyaw Maung Maung Thein known as a Rakhine extremist, deliberately gave the teenager wrong injections and killed him.

“Maung Noor Hakim (son of) U Noor Ahmed (of age 16) was a student of standard ten in Basic Education High School. He hailed from Foyraa Hamlet of Baggona village tract, southern Maungdaw. He fell sick on August 11. Hence, the next morning before attending his class, he went to see Dr. Kyaw Maung Maung Thein, the doctor in-charge of the Maungdaw General Hospital, in his clinic for treatment. His brother-in-law accompanied him to the clinic.

The doctor asked him who he was and what his profession was. He replied that he was a student. Then, the doctor ousted his brother-in-law accompanying him from the clinic. And the doctor gave him few injections and a prescription for medicines. After that, the doctor asked him to come again to the clinic and to see him after two days.

However, his health condition became severely worse soon after taking the injections. So, he returned home without attending the school. As he reached home, he started feeling breathlessness, aches in his hands and legs and pains in his abdomen.

The worried Noor Hakim recoounted to his family ‘my situation has become like this since the doctor gave me the injections. I may die soon.’

He passed away at a place nearby by the bridge between *Pantaw Pyin village and *Myoma Kayintan village on August 14 as he was on his way to see the doctor again as per the schedule” said a friend of Noor Hakim who met him before his untimely demise.

“Dr. Kyaw Maung Maung has some similar past records of killing Rohingya patients especially after the violence against Rohingyas erupted in June 2012. However, no authority or concerned government official has taken action against his deliberate crimes. He is a racist Rakhine” he (the friend of Noor Hakim) continued requesting to withhold his identity.

About the villages mentioned in the report:

*Pantaw Pyin village= known as Laal Boinna in Rohingya language

and *Myoma Kayintan village= known as Shidda Fara in Rohingya language

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