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Rohingya Survivors Once Again Mourned the Massacre of 9th October 2016

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 11th October 2018

Cox’s Bazar: Through a protest, yesterday (10th Oct) at Tenghali makeshift camp Rohingya orphans, widows and rape victims mourned the massacre that initiated on them since 9th October 2016 and once again demanded justice from International Criminal Court (ICC) for the genocide committed by the Burmese regime.

A protest was held in a makeshift camp of Tenghali and more than hundreds of rape victims, orphans, widows, and men stood in separate groups by joining hand in hand and demanded justice that they are waiting since 2016.

Rohingya Genocide Survivors stood in a protest at Tenghali and demanded justice from ICC yesterday. Image: RVISION TV

“The military massacre since 2016, made us widow and our family member has been brutally massacred. We don’t where our father, brother, mother, children or husband. We lost everything,” explains a widow standing in the front queue.

The mass protest was organized by a grass root organization named “Voice of Rohingya – VOR” and separate groups of Rohingya men, women and children hold banners describing the persecution they went through since 2016.

Rohingya rape victims and widows stood in a protest at Tenghali
 and demanded justice from ICC yesterday. Image: RVISION

“In my village, they surrounded the whole village and killed everyone, many women were raped and they were burnt along with their houses. We could not even go back to see or bury the dead body. We saw everything from far and had to flee for saving our lives,” recounts another survivor in the protest.

Beside burning corpses, houses, village and killing men, now almost 34000, Rohingya children are orphans as a result of the military massacre, which ignited since October 2016.

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“Our parents were killed and now we are orphans, so we came here to seek justice,” explains an orphaned child who also joined the protest.

[Rohingya children, women and men joined hand in hand in a protest at Tenghali makeshift camp yesterday to demand their long-awaited justice from ICC]

Since 2016 nearly 1.3 million Rohingya were driven out from their own soil and even after battling 70 years of genocide on them, they are still visible in the queue for justice.

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