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Rohingya Students in Bangladesh held a Protest in Denial of Education

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 6th February 2019

Coxs’ Bazaar: Dozens of Rohingya students held a protest at Nayafara registered refugee camp in Cox’s Bazaar Bangladesh today (6th February), reports a protesting Rohingya from the scene.

Rohingya Children of the genocide survivors sheltering since 1990 and before could somehow manage to study in the local schools in Bangladesh and have been gaining their education since then.

Rohingya students protesting at Nayafara Refugee camps in Coxx’s Bazaar Bangladesh on 6th February 2019. Image: RVISION

Recently, Rohingya students were identified and segregated to expel from the schools, ceasing their education.

Due to the new discriminatory policy against the registered Rohingya students, their coming life seems to be in dark and have left their parents in complete worry.

Following the hopeless situation, a group of Rohingya students organized a protest in front of a government education office in Cox’s Bazaar of Bangladesh.

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In the protest, they demanded to continue their education and they said their future will be shattered if the ceasing continues.

To battle, the situation Rohingya urged international NGOs and Bangladesh government to allow their children to study, for building their future.

[Rohingya students protesting at Nayafara Refugee camos in Coxx’s Bazaar Bangladesh on 6th February 2019. Image: RVISION]

Rohingya since decades suffered from the discriminatory rule in their own homeland and now they are also discriminated in their host countries as well.

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