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Rohingya Students Denied of Intra-Township Travel Permissions

By Rohingya Mirror

Buthidaung, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) — Many Rohingya students are denied of intra-township travel permissions by the village’s administrator of ‘Badakaa’ village in Buthidaung Township as they are unable to pay the high prices charged by him, it has been learnt.

The Rohingya students have to take permission from the village administration to travel to and stay at Taung Bazaar’ village for the purpose of study at the village High School.

“The village’s administrator, U Kyaw Hla Kan; along with his puppet, U Idiris; has demanded an extremely high price to issue the permission. Since they were unable to pay the charges, he refused them to issue the permissions.

Later, when the students have somehow managed the charges and gone to him for the permission, he has totally refused them to issue the permissions.

Now, the students are unable to travel to attend the school,” said a villager asking to withhold his identity.

Besides, the administrator extorted Kyat 100,000 from Mv Yusouf Ula Meah alleging of selling his farmland without informing the village administration on June 25. On the same day, he and his puppet robbed Kyat 60,000 from U Ali Hussein Abdu Gaffar hails from southern hamlet of ‘Badakaa’ village tract under the baseless accusation of using ‘Bangala’ mobile phone.

The administrator is a ‘Mro Buddhist ethnic’ which is by force considered by the Rakhine extremists to be a branch of the Rakhine ethnic groups.

 [Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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