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Rohingya Student Abused and Expelled from School for ‘Rohingya’ Claim

HD MYARF ׀ Thursday, June 26, 2014


Maungdaw, Arakan: On June 25, 2014, a Rohingya student of class eight studying at Basic Education High School Ngakura, northern Maungdaw, was abused and expelled from the school for claiming that he is a Rohingya. Therefore, his 67 Rohingya Classmates too decided to leave the school in protest against the injustice, according to a local Rohingya of the village.

“Maung Aung Lwin @Bashir Rahman (son of) Shuna Meah (of age 15) is a student of Class Eight in Basic Education High School (BEHS), Ngakura (Nagpura) village, northern Maungdaw. He hails from a nearby village called Athtet Phyuma.

He missed classes after the school break on June 24, 2014 afternoon due to illness of his mother. On the subsequent day (i.e. on 25th June 2014), when he attended his class, Daw Khin Khin Soe (a Rakhine lady), teacher in-charge of the class, called him on before her. And then, she started scolding, abusing and beating him for missing the class a day earlier.

She started using racist slurs such as *Kular, *Bengali etc against him. He replied “dear Teacher, we are not Bengalis but Rohingyas.” So, the teacher got angrier and said “are you here to do politics or to study? Then, she beat him again. And she expelled him from the school.

As a result, to protest against this injustice, around 67 Rohingya students altogether left the class after the break on June 25, 2014, afternoon” said a local Rohingya to Rohingya Vision TV on the condition of anonymity.

In the evening of the day, Border Guard Police (BGP) from Commandment Area 5 arrived and looked for Maung Maung Lwin’s father. His father went into hiding in fear of arrest. Today, the headmaster of the school summoned all the students together with their guardians to the school. They are having meeting at the school at the moment” he continued.

*Kular= A Term Used in Myanmar to Demean and Insult any one of Indian Descend

*Bengali= A Term Used in Myanmar against Rohingya to Portray them as if they are “illegal Bengali Immigrants”

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