Rohingya between Scylla and Charybdis

By ZYA December 24, 2016 12:35

Rohingya between Scylla and Charybdis

By Qutub Shah

The local Rohingya have two choices where the better is bitter – either to welcome investigative delegations or to reject them – when they visits Northern Arakan to investigate the situation.

If they welcome any delegation, the aftermath they have to face is quite disappointing until they risk losing life, and if not, the region will be a safer silent killing field or rape haven for government armed forces.

The local Rohingya had to pay the expensive cost of every visit by delegations including all the ones led by Kofi Annan, Myint Swe, Yang Hee Lee, Vijay Nambiar, Foreign Ambassadors, Media Team, Rakhine Investigation Committee, etc.

Every time, when a delegation comes to visit, it is accompanied by Burmese intelligence, security guards, police officers, military personals, government cameramen, etc. to eye who meets them from the locals so that he can be punished once the delegation has left.

In this kind of situation, open investigation is impossible, because neither the delegation can meet whomever they want except some poppets designated by the government nor the locals dare to approach to them freely and explain openly due to fear of bad aftermaths.

In addition, not only the government includes any Rohingya in such a delegation, but also the puppet translators mistranslate our grieves.

Victim of decapitation from Ngakuya, who explained to media team military atrocities.

Victim of decapitation from Ngakuya, who explained to media team military atrocities.

The example of very recent and serious victim is Dous Mohammad from Ngakuya, who is decapitated by Rakhine extremists in collaboration with BGP, following the visit of the media team sent by Nepyidaw.

There are many other cases of arrest, torture and extortion following every investigative visits by VIPs.

Every investigation without any positive results just ends up with loss of lives. Is the Rohingya issue that has been lasting for 70 years not investigated yet? Isn’t it investigated yet even though we are counting down our last days of existence? Three-fourths of the whole population has fled the country amid the continual of your investigation.

Why don’t you go to investigate from the 1000s of refugees who fled to Bangladesh recently being the most victimized and affected, after the situation has become unbearable and out of patience?

Of course, investigation is demanded and inevitable but recommended is free and open one that guarantees locals’ safety.



By ZYA December 24, 2016 12:35

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