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Another Boat Carrying Persecuted Rohingya Docked at Ache

By Rohingya Vision TV| 20th April 2018

A boat carrying about 76 Rohingya refugees, consisting of 43 Male, 25 Female and 8 Children have been landed in Kuala Raja beach, Bireuen, Aceh today (20th April) according to local Indonesian source.

Among all 5 of them have been recovered in serious illness and 4 received immediate treatment on site. Remaining one in critical health condition have been referred to the local hospital. Beside local government health agency other agencies were also seen on the site.

Rescued Rohingya in beach of Ache, Indonesia. Image: Social Media

In the group of 8 Rohingya rescued children 7 of them are boys including a girl. So far, local government is planning to shift the rescued Rohingya to a community learning facility called SKB (Sanggar Kegiatan Belajar) in town, about 3-4 Km from the landed site.

Earlier on 14th April, agencies reported that a boat carrying 70 Rohingya were on this sea journey and was expecting on the Malaysian water.

“The boat should arrive in Malaysian waters in the next week, assuming it doesn’t come under distress or make landfall in Thailand,” said Matthew Smith, co-founder of Fortify Rights, adding that the group had received reports of the boat’s departure on April 12.

“This is a tremendously dangerous journey,” Smith told Reuters, adding that the passengers faced deprivation of food, water, and physical space as well as the risk of capsizing.



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The boat was heard to be leaving Akyab (Sittwe), the capital of Arakan (Rakhine) state, in the early hours of Thursday (12th April) and landing of this boat in Indonesia confirms the claims by the local sources.



Rescued Rohingya in Ache, Indonesia today (20th April). Image: Social Media


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