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Rohingya Rescue a Buddhist Monastery from Blaze in Buthidaung

Rohingya Rescue a Buddhist Monastery from Blaze in Buthidaung

MYARF Report | Written by M.S. Anwar

March 18, 2014

Buthidaung, Arakan– A Buddhist monastery at the village of Guta Pyin (Godam Fara) in Buthidaung Township caught fire around 10AM on 16th March 2014. Monks at the monastery shouted out for help and local Rohingyas came to extinguish the fire.

“It was around 10AM on 16th March 2014 that some structures of the monastery at Guta Pyin (Godam Fara) caught fire. Monks shouted out for help. There was scarcely any Rakhine to help them. Hence, Rohingyas from the nearby areas came out and extinguished the fire together with the monks (who had only been throwing soil at the fire before the arrival of the Rohingyas) before it caught the main monastery building.

The reason behind the fire on the monastery was apparently from the remnants of the burning wood at the nearby forest” said a local of the Guta Pyin.

“No one has been arrested in relation to the cause of the fire. But as usual, some Rakhine extremists are trying to blame Rohingyas even for that.”

Buthidaung Township (google map)
Buthidaung Township (source: google map)





  1. Zafar Ahmad Abdul Ghani Zafar Ahmad Abdul Ghani March 20, 2014

    The military government always claims the conflict is between the ethnic rakhine and Rohingya and the government is trying to solve the problem. But the real truth is the military government wants to eliminate all Rohingya and Muslims from Myanmar. The real truth is the military government is in close relationship with rakhines and Buddhist monks to killed Rohingyas at large. The rakhines and Buddhist monks have become the agents for the military government to eliminate Rohingyas and Muslims across Myanmar. That is why the government allows the rakhines holding arms with them.

    The prove is one month before this attack, U Wirathu the Buddhist monk has gone into Arakan State for few weeks to see all the Buddhist monks from all 17 divisions and conducted religious lectures. U Wirathu is not only a Buddhist monk but he is also a leader of 969 group that was establish to harm and killed the ethnic Rohingyas and other Muslims from Arakan States and across Myanmar. About a month after he return to Rangoon, the attack on Rohingya has started in Kela Daung Village.

    On 14 January 2014 60,000 Buddhist monks has a meeting in Mandalay. They urge the government to check the background of all Members of Parliament whether they are real citizen. The government must check their ethnic group. They also urge the government to stop the Benggali who hold the white card from voting in the coming election. The problem is most of the Rohingyas in the Arakan State were forced to accept the white card and change their identity from Rohingya to Benggali in order to save their lives. If they Rohingya refuse to accept the white card, the security forces will kill us.

    The International Communities and the United Nations has condemned the Myanmar government many times but to no change. The world has seen the Rohingya openly become the victims of GENOCIDE for more than 60 years but they fail to stop it. There are lots of evidence that Rohingya are the victims of GENOCIDE in Myanmar but none of the MANDATED BODIES can stop it.

    In the end of last year 14 foreign Ambassadors from Ranggon visited Arakan State. They made the announcement of bad conditions of Rohingya in Arakan State. They also sent a strong letter to Myanmar government to protect the Rohingya’s rights and grant citizenship to Rohingya. Unfortunately to date there is no feedback.

    This year 2014, Myanmar is the Chairman of ASEAN. It is very shameful to Myanmar government and ASEAN as they conducted such a mass killing of its ethnic Rohingya not even a month after holding the position.

    Now is the time to take real action. We urge the United Nations, World Leaders, OIC, ASEAN and International Communities to react to the injustice and cruel treatment towards the Rohingya by the Myanmar government. The world must stop dealing with Myanmar until they stop the GENOCIDE on Rohingyas. We cannot wait until the Last Rohingya on this earth.

    Thank you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mr. Zafar Ahmad Bin Abdul Ghani
    Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization Malaysia (MERHROM)
    Tel No: +6016-6827287

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